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Scope of Operations

Agricultural Electronics Corporation (AEC) equipment is operating in more than twenty countries, in every continent, in tropical rain forests, agricultural fields, vineyards and taiga. We pride ourselves on the close relationship we have with our users. We sell only packages which consist of the complete sensing, measurement and processing capability to achieve the objective under field conditions in virtually any climate. As such, these packages will do what we say they do. Manual Band Dendrometers are sold as individual units.

Agriculture and Forestry Packages

A typical package consists of standard sensor arrays, connecting cable, a POD, communication equipment, and the software to display data in graphical or tabular form on a spreadsheet. The POD is an in-the-field computer for the 24/7 collection of physical and chemical assays. The stored data is transferred daily via cell phone to a local office or to the AEC office in Tucson, Arizona, for data processing and display. Such displays are to a password protected web page on the Internet or on the user's own equipment. See Data Transfer Methods for cell phone and radio configurations where multiple sites for the same user are being monitored.


The major production application of this equipment is Irrigation Management through continuous assessment of plant (and berry) hydration status. Our equipment is also used for measurement of metabolic activity as well as proton or hydrogen peroxide concentration (See PHYTOGRAM™). For research applications the sensor array and field layout is designed and manufactured to user specifications.

User Groups

See the Dendrometer User Group pages for experiences with our equipment. The "Phytogram™ User's Group" shown above provides secure user access to individual password protected Phytogram™ measurement displays via the Internet. Those measurements are collected each evening by the Agricultural Electronics Corporation and displayed on the web the following day.

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Data Transfer Methods - Various alternatives- primarily cell phone and radio communication capabilities  
Water Content Levels of Specific Crops- for wine industry, using the Phytogram™ for indicator of petiole hydration status and berry ripeness  
Environmental Sensors - For concurrent assays of air and ground temperature, light, and soil moisture Communicating with Agricultural Electronics Corporation - By E-mail, US Postal Service, Telephone and Fax
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