Automatic Root Dendrometer

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The automatic root dendrometer can measure changes in the outer surface of a root with respect to the fixed inner root xylem. Root radial surface changes can be measured up to thirteen centimeters below ground level to a resolution of five micrometers. The range of the dendrometer is thirteen millimeters. Measurements can be made once per minute up to once per day.

The dendrometer consists of a fiberglass impregnated epoxy platform (G10) mounted just above the ground surface. The rectangular platform is attached to the root xylem by means of four stainless steel threaded rods. Dimensions of the platform are two by five by nineteen centimeters. A circular sensing rod protrudes out of the bottom of the platform and extends vertically downward into the soil until it impinges on the surface of the root. The above ground end of the sensing rod is attached to a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) mounted on top of the platform. The LVDT converts changes in sensing rod displacement to changes in an electrical signal which are processed and stored in electronics attached to the dendrometer. A constant vertical force is exerted on the sensing rod by means of a brass disk.

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