Water Content Levels of Wine Grape Berries

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Over the years the Phytogram™ has been used to compile and process Berry Water Content statistics. Such measurements were developed over the entire growing season, 24/7. This has enabled Irrigation Managers to review plant-based site status via the Internet. From this experience, the Agricultural Electronics Corporation is able to suggest hydration level ranges for specific crops. All values are expressed in nfd/mm (nanofarads per millimeter) - U.S. Patent 6,870376B1.

To schedule berry ripeness and flavor the Viticulturist or Irrigation Manager would hold the hydration level within a specific range during the two to three week flavor intensification period prior to harvest. Experience with the Phytogram™ has shown these berry hydration levels to be:

   Chardonnay ............... 14-17  Nanofarads/millimeter
   Cabernet Sauvignon ....12-15
   Merlot ........................12-15
   Pinot Noir ..................10-14
   Pinot Grigio ................10-12
   Syrah .......................... 8-10

These ranges are based on results from over fifty berry-block seasons.

See also a more thorough discussion of "Quantification of Berry Ripening, Flavor Development and Harvest Time by Means of the Phytogram™ by William Gensler, October, 2006 (Berry Ripening Paper))

See altenative irrigation management method "Ontogenetic Irrigation Scheduling" based on development cycle of the fruit.

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