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All of the equipment is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States and shipped FOB Tucson, Arizona. Equipment configurations can be tailored to the user requirements.

Products are sold as complete packages including the sensors, wiring, central instrumentation computer, installation documentation, operation documentation and processing software. This gives us the assurance that measurements can be made and, in the hands of a properly informed user, will yield meaningful results.

We work very closely with the user in project design and installation. Proper project design, installation, checkout and interpretation of data will give the user maximum benefit.

Cost Alternatives

On a service contract only basis (without equipment purchase other than the wiring harness) Agricultural Electronics Corporation (AEC) staff installs the wiring harness, berry, sapwood, and drip line sensors, and electronic data collection and transmission equipment (the POD) in the field. The cost for the year 2010 growing season would be:

   $ 100/month for sapwood only- typically $1,200.00 annually
   $ 310/month for sapwood and berries - typically $1,200.00 for the season
   Drip line monitoring is included at no additional cost
   One time wiring harness cost $190.00 (15 sensor capacity); $75.00 for each set of 15 new sensors each season
   Installation cost dependent on location and number of sites monitored

On a purchase basis the cost of a typical production agriculture package is dependent on equipment purchased. Water status information is automatically acquired and transferred to the user's office. Data processing is done by the user with AEC supplied software. This method becomes advantageous when multiple sites are monitored.

Labor Content

User has no labor expense during the season. Prior to any machine harvest, the user is required to remove the extension wires from the berries, a 15-30 minute task for each site monitored. Other sensor wires can remain in the field.

Products And Services
Services Quantity Price $US
Monthly Monitoring Charge Per 15 Sensor Cluster - Sapwood $100
  Per 15 Sensor Cluster - Sapwood and Berries $200
Installation Decreases for more than one nearby site and second year Dependent on location and number of sites monitored
POD* Each $2,900
Phytogram™, Sensors and Cables** 16 Channels $ 780
  32 Channels $ 1,540
Replacement PHYTOGRAM™ Sensors Set of 15 $75
Sapwood Water Content Sensor and Cable 15 $900
Software for Data Processing and Display Software Package $250
DripLine Monitor Included at no cost with Monthly Monitoring $0
Air Temperature Sensor Each $100
Light Sensor*** Each $325
Soil Moisture Sensor Each $50
Soil Temperature Sensor Each $75
Telemetry Package: Modem, Antenna. and Cables 1 $800
Automatic Dendrometer (Point or Band) - including 40 meter cable 1 $650
  8 $5,200
  16 $10,400
  24 $15,600
Manual Band Dendrometer Each $38
Small Trunk Manual Band Dendrometer Each $42
Extended Range Manual Band Dendrometer Each $46
Automatic Root Dendrometer - including 40 meter cable Each $650
* Includes POD Backbone, Solar Collector (6 volt, 500 mA), Ground Electrode, Serial Interface Cable, Installation Tools, Installation and Operating Manuals and software to transfer POD data to spreadsheet programs
** PHYTOGRAM™ require 1 channel per sensor; Dendrometers require 2 channels per sensor
*** This unit is a LI-COR Corporation Quantum Sensor and measures PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) in the 400 to 700 nm waveband

Typical Configurations

Package Composition Price $US
  16 Channel PHYTOGRAM™ Sensors and Cables $780
  One Air Temperature Sensor $100
  Eight Automatic Dendrometers $5,200
  Total $8,980
  32 Channel PHYTOGRAM™ Sensors and Cables $1,540
  One Light Sensor $325
  One Air Temperature Sensor $100
  Total $4,865
  15 Sensor Cluster $190
  One Light Sensor $325
  One Air Temperature Sensor $100
  Total $3,515
* Plant Pathology Package 1 can be used in a wide range of experimental designs ranging from one sensor in thirty-two plants or multiple sensors in fewer plants.
** Plant Pathology Package 2 has fifteen plant sensors.

Personal Customer Service

Agricultural Electronics Corporation will provide consulting services, data processing and data analysis in all aspects of our equipment. The magnitude, duration and cost of this service is determined on an individual project basis. This service is over and above the normal assistance we furnish in start-up and checkout of the equipment.

Installation, training and analysis packages are available upon request.

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